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My first steps with English knitting

chaussettes doigts de piedsI’ve signed in on Ravelry one month ago and everything there (or almost everything) is English. I’ve seen beautiful patterns of socks (an other stuff too) and I really want to try one. That’s why I’ve decided to learn how to knit in English!

Here are some basics:
– knit stitch = maille endroit (abréviation : k)
– purl stitch = maille envers (abr : p)
– to cast on = monter des mailles (abr : CO)
– to cast off or to bind off = rabattre les mailles, terminer l’ouvrage (abr : BO)
– decrease = diminution (abr : dec)
– increase = augmentation (abr : inc)

If you want to learn more about the abbreviations you can have a look at the KnittingHelp glossary.
There is a good dictionary on too.

The pattern which makes me learn English knitting is the one on the picture. If you click on it you will be able to reach it!

And what about you knitting addicts, do you knit in English?

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  1. they are very nice, it’s a good choice and english kniiting is more logical in their abreviations

  2. Rho la vache ! Elles sont magnifiques ces chaussettes !

    Et bien bon courage Darkcandellera !

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